About Us

Photel Zrt is a dynamically developing company, one of the market leaders providing Customer Experience Management and Contact Center services in the heart of Central-Eastern Europe, Budapest.

Photel aims to build a world in which the latest and most sophisticated technology provides the basis for communicating with customers effectively and personally.

Our team has more than 15 years of international experience in this field. Thanks to the continuous improvements, we provide outstanding, world-class solutions. The team has created the Business Process Innovation method, which aims at bettering the customer experience lifecycle by assessing and developing business processes. We are also developing and implementing innovative digital technologies in order to support customers in the online environment and maximize online conversion.

With the help of Photel, our clients can experience meaningful and effective dialogue between their brand and their customers, can increase the efficiency of communication, enhance customer satisfaction and lower costs.

We provide an outstanding way of cooperation for our partners: the enthusiastic team of Photel works together with you like an internal division of the company. Their goal is to achieve the continuous enhancement of customer experience. The secret lies within our team members: the passionate employees, who spend every moment on making your customers satisfied.

In the last decade we handled about 40 million customer contacts successfully in more than 10 languages. As one of our multi-lingual solutions, we created an international program for Euronet and OMW in which we covered 9 countries 24/7 and provided outstanding customer experience to Euronet partners & OMW employees.

Photel Inc. has more than 200 workstations and over 250 associates in Hungary. Photel is among the 100 fastest growing small and medium enterprises of Europe and was nominated for the European Business Awards.

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