Professional process development

By process we mean activities that start from the beginning of the call to the end. At a call center this includes the following:

Our processes are constantly being developed and this is the main source of profit for you!



If a smaller customer service finishes a call within 5 minutes, we do the same with optimized processes in 4.5 minutes. That's 50,000 minutes savings on 100,000 calls, which means huge savings!

It's very important that calls are not shorter because we hurry or pay less attention to the customer, but because we have them wait less. Thanks to the more perfect processes we identify customers quicker, we manage calls without unnecessary redirection to other employees, and we find the solution to the problem in a shorter time. Handling calls smoothly is also an important source of customer satisfaction.


Our employees are able to spend more minutes during one hour on phone conversations than a small customer service thanks to advanced processes, so productivity is much higher. Efficiency can be up to 10-20% higher!

First call resolution

Processes are designed in a way that the first call resolution ratio is as high as possible, so the customer can get immediate solutions to their problems and do not have to talk to newer and newer administrators. This is one of the most important components of customer satisfaction!

Photel's fast, cost-effective, and result-oriented work increases customer satisfaction and loyalty to Your service.

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